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When faced with having to make funeral arrangements, most people have no prior experience in organising such an event, and little idea of what to do.


Copper Coast Funerals can provide a wide range of services to suit your precise needs. We can help you make the funeral as simple or elaborate as you desire, and the cost will be reflected accordingly.


Initial interviews with our funeral directors can be at our office or in your home, whichever you prefer. At these interviews we will ask what type of funeral arrangements you desire. 


Copper Coast Funerals Arranging a Funeral

There are government documentation to allow for the registration of the death of your loved one, and information will be required such as place of birth of the deceased, the names and occupations of parents, names and dates of birth of the children, and names of spouse(s) and dates of marriage. 


While some people may have a fairly clear knowledge of the arrangements they want to make, others may want to consider a myriad of alternatives before making any decisions.


Copper Coast Funerals is here to guide and advise you on the many matters which need to be considered. 

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