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Grief is the price we pay for Love and people need time to mourn the loss of a loved one.

A Funeral ceremony fills this need and provides people with an important place to share in their grief.  

No two lives are the same, no two funerals will be the same.

Funerals allow us to remember and celebrate a life lived and lets us acknowledge that your life mattered to us.

Funerals offer finality and understanding that loved ones have died.

Sometimes we feel that by denying a loss or shielding our families from it we can ease the hurt or stop the feeling of grief.

This isn't so, grief is hard, sometimes unbearable but certainly doesn't go away if we try to deny it happens.  All our significant life events are shared with others.  Birthdays and weddings provide an opportunity to come together and share.  A funeral does the same, it allows those who knew us to show that our life mattered to them.

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